Stefano Cecchi | Timberland Earthkeeper – Modello 2208R



Timberland Earthkeeper – Modello 2208R

December 2014


November 2013. I was in Milan with my wife for a weekend of shopping and from the Hotel Baglioni, where we were staying, I was walking towards the Saint Ambroues cake shop. It’s not far, which is why I was wearing blue velvet moccasins more suited to the hotel lounge than walking outside. But on my way, it started raining – not the light drizzle of London, but a real heavy shower. The soapy sole effect on the wet roads almost had me slipping many times: I couldn’t go on and had to seek shelter under the porticos of via Matteotti, right in front of the Timberland shop. I am not a fan of this brand, as in my mind it is inevitably linked to the Eighties and the ‘paninaro’ phenomenon (groups of young, fashionable people frequenting sandwich bars – Tr. note). However, there was one shoe in the window that drew my attention, the Earthkeeper: a technical boot played down by coloured laces. I went in to try them on and, incredibly, they have been my favourite shoes ever since. With my ‘four wheel drive’ activated, my feet were back on the ground: this winter, they are my only shoes. With a suit, jeans and in the mountains. What can I say? I hope that this summer they invent the Sandkeeper! – by Pietro.


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