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The Scrambler – Motodiferro

December 2015


Meeting on an almost-empty nighttime flight from Barcellona to Turin is a coincidence. To meet again a few weeks later on another almost-empty Barcellona-Ibiza flight… well that’s destiny. He is Beppe Ronco, the legendary founder of Going Viaggi, a bon-vivant whose path I’ve crossed many times over the years and around the world. The second flight was our chance to have a chat and get to know more about the other’s work projects. Beppe works with Roberto Cavalli and opens Cavalli Cafès around the world. I told him all about my new consultancy structure in China, how my record company is being transformed into a musical architecture company for luxury brands and, finally, my new game: my www, that you are reading. When I explained that I wanted to present a series of high quality products on my site, products that would become a yearly digital magazine, he said “I have something for you”. The next day, he put me in contact with Marco Lugato and Paolo Summa from Moto di Ferro. Don’t you think The Scrambler is insane? – by Stefano.


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