Stefano Cecchi | SNAKE BRACELET – GOTI




August 2014


By now it’s known – Johnny Depp and I never miss the chance to take inspiration from each other! If he copied my Moscot Lemtosh, with a heavy heart I have to admit that I took inspiration from him for those amazing Goti bracelets. I have Johnny to thank, as because of this find I was lucky enough to meet Riccardo Goti, who designs these little masterpieces with their elegant but rock soul. Riccardo’s clientele includes some of the world’s most important celebrities of music and cinema, and yet he has not lost touch with his city, Arezzo, and his land, Tuscany. Riccardo and his father, with their thousand anecdotes, bring life to the jewellery. For example? At one of the coolest boutiques in London, Joseph, when each new Goti collection arrives, before being put on sale to the general public Mick Jagger’s personal assistant receives a preview in order to purchase unique pieces for the Rolling Stones frontman. – by Stefano.

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