Stefano Cecchi | Shanghai – Church’s



Shanghai – Church’s

May 2015


I live in China, Shanghai to be precise, and I believe in coincidences. This is why, when Church, my favourite brand of shoe, relaunched a 1929 model created for the English colonies and called Shanghai I didn’t think twice before buying a pair. 1929 was the year of the Great Depression, and this is another coincidence: every recession is followed by an economic boom. What China is experiencing today. Shanghai is a two-tone Church with buckle and fringe, with a worn look to it. It looks like an old golf shoe and is perfect worn with jeans. Because you never tire of Church, this footwear lasts a lifetime and is passed down to our sons and grandsons: they are elegant and refined, but above all, they are indestructible. Sometimes life is strange: I am Italian, I live in China and I wear English shoes. The same shoes I saw my friend Stefano Cecchi wearing the last time we met! – by Amedeo.


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