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Ocean – Pacific – Paez

June 2015


I discovered Paez four years ago. I was at Punta del Este, in Uruguay, for the New Year celebrations and I was accompanying some friends in a polo tournament at Jose Ignacio’s Medellin Club, one of the most elegant and charming areas of the coastline. From mid-December to the end of January, Jose Ignacio is the preferred destination of holidaying Argentinians, and the Argentinians are known for being the best polo players in the world. What I didn’t yet know was that between one match and another, during the descanso (break time), Argentinian players wear colourful cotton shoes. They are called alpargatas and they were created for the gauchos: Paez has reinterpreted their shape and designed them in bright colours. It is hard to believe, but they are comfortable and sexy at the same time! I bought three pairs: one for me, one for my boyfriend, and one for Stefano. He must have liked them – he asked me to talk about them here! – by Lavinia.


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