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Harvard – My Style Bags

August 2015


Having just landed at Malpensa after a flight that seemed never-ending, I experienced what every frequent flyer does at least once in a lifetime: my luggage was misplaced. “Don’t worry Mr Celori, we will bring it to your hotel within 48 hours”: despite the airline’s assurances, I was pretty pissed off. A taxi took me to the Baglioni in Via Senato and then straight to Corso Garibaldi: I needed the bare minimum to survive 2 days. A little further on from the Radetsky Cafè, one of the meeting places of Milan’s aperitif crowd, I was drawn by a small store: in the window were elegant, timeless bags at good prices. I chose a Harvard Weekend bag in raw cotton with leather finishes. “Would you like to customise the bag with your initials?” “I’m not stopping in Milan for long,” I answered. Their reply? “Don’t worry, we will deliver it to your hotel within 2 hours. So basically, it took an airline blunder to be astonished by the perfect service. – by Amedeo.


Tights in Shimotakaido, 1987/2014 – Daido Moriyama

September 2015


There are works that intrigue us as soon as we lay our eyes on them. This is the case with How to Create a Beautiful Picture 6: Tights in Shimotakaido, 1987/2014 by Daido Moriyama. Although the title tells us we are dealing with tights, I can’t accept it. For me, it’s an abstract image, curved lines and geometric cracks in which to lose oneself searching for the author’s essence. It is one of Moriyama’s most recent works and, at first glance, it seems very different from his first works, so refined and nuanced. Perhaps it is this mystery that fascinates me, probably ‘Tights in Shimotakaido, 1987/2014’ is the dividing between two, equally important, phases of the author’s career. I have been bewitched by this incredible piece! And I am not the only one to be subjected to its fascination. With me is another guy from Turin (he lives in Barcellona, I live in London): his name is Stefano. Guess who I’m talking about? – by Eugenio.


Prada Wallpaper 56x76cm – Marcela Gutiérrez

October 2015


Stefano and I were introduced at the house of some mutual friends, in a beautiful penthouse not far from Avenida Diagonal, in Barcellona. About 10 days later, on a windy afternoon, we met by chance on the Barceloneta beach, right in front of the gigantic metal fish that Frank Gehry created for the Art Hotel. Stefano was jogging, I had just come from a meeting and was getting on my Harley Davidson. We started chatting and discovered we had a lot in common, starting with contemporary art, which is a passion of Stefano’s, and of myself, as well as being my job. He insisted on coming to see me gallery-loft, which he immediately called a playboy-mansion, and I took him for a ride on my Harley. As he came in, he was struck by the works by Marcela Gutierrez: one, in particular, he remembered having seen before but he couldn’t quite remember where. I helped him out: in the Prada boutique in Soho, New York. That’s where I saw it! I was immediately appointed cool-hunter for and Prada Wallpaper by Marcela Gutierrez is the first work I’m presenting. What a coincidence! – by Alex.


Tête à Tête – Caviar Kaspia

November 2015


Paris is Paris, with her boulevards with their wide expanses of sky. And then there’s Place della Madeleine, one of my favourite spots: the church in the middle, a replica of a Greek temple with 52 Corinthian columns, and so much life around. The Madeleine who gave her name to the square has nothing to do with the sweet treat that stirs childhood memories in Proust, yet I have a memory of this magical place: the first time I came to the Kaviar Kaspia. I was a guest at the engagement party of my New York friend Adam and I felt straight at home: the place is beautiful and serves the best caviar in the world. That day I met the maitre d’, Ramon, who explained how the delicacies of the maison can also be enjoyed at home. There is a packaging that caught my eye more than the others: it is for date night and is called Tète à tète. As the name says, it is to be eaten in company. It needs to be someone special, very special: if you don’t have a special someone, do what I did: put on The Notebook DVD and bon appétit! – by Lavinia.


The Scrambler – Motodiferro

December 2015


Meeting on an almost-empty nighttime flight from Barcellona to Turin is a coincidence. To meet again a few weeks later on another almost-empty Barcellona-Ibiza flight… well that’s destiny. He is Beppe Ronco, the legendary founder of Going Viaggi, a bon-vivant whose path I’ve crossed many times over the years and around the world. The second flight was our chance to have a chat and get to know more about the other’s work projects. Beppe works with Roberto Cavalli and opens Cavalli Cafès around the world. I told him all about my new consultancy structure in China, how my record company is being transformed into a musical architecture company for luxury brands and, finally, my new game: my www, that you are reading. When I explained that I wanted to present a series of high quality products on my site, products that would become a yearly digital magazine, he said “I have something for you”. The next day, he put me in contact with Marco Lugato and Paolo Summa from Moto di Ferro. Don’t you think The Scrambler is insane? – by Stefano.


Korne Pavé Bracelet – Shamballa

January 2016


There are many amusing anecdotes that connect me to Mads Kornerup, but there is one scene that really stands out: we are on Goga Ashkenatzi’s yacht, off the coast of Ibiza, and he – undercover – is making some bracelets for guests on the boat with us. Seeing the founder and creative director of a brand like Shamballa at work shows what makes a project successful: love for the work. Now, said like this, maybe you have no idea what Shamballa is: I’m talking about one of the world’s most exclusive jewellery brands, which Mads and his wife, Andrea, have created and brought to the best concept-stores in the world. If you Google the name Shamballa, you’ll quickly see who wears these miniature masterpieces. Mads and I are great friends, we meet up in Ibiza, for years we have met up during fashion shows, and I have been a guest of his in Denmark, in Copenhagen and in his country homes in Tisvilde and Tibirike, where we trained and fantasised about the many projects we would like to undertake together. The Korne Pavé Bracelet on my www is the first fantastic step in this partnership. – by Stefano.



February 2016


I was living in La Jolla, California, while attending UCSD in the early 1990s. I enjoyed motocross racing and I stayed fit by road cycling. I’ve always been in the habit of choosing the best sports equipment and, in those days, the best came from Nottinghamshire, England, where Raleigh bicycles have been produced since 1885. Put simply, John Tomac – one of my heroes, an American road racing, mountain bike and BMX champion during the late 1980s and early ’90s – raced on a Raleigh. Over the years, I’ve customised three different Technium Prestige bikes for friends who wanted a bike like mine. This is the fourth one and it was customised to become a designer item. Stefano Tarticchio, the founder of the Desgenà workshop in Turin, helped me out (a guarantee in itself). As well as fitting genuine Shimano RX100 gears, we added a three-lever Desgenà break system, BLB bullhorn handlebars with anodised aluminium bolts, BLB Track pedals, BLB Notorious wheels with white spokes, Vittoria Rubino Pro tyres, a Selle Italia saddle and carbon fibre mudguards to the Technium Prestige frame. The result was a bike that looks as good as it rides. – by Stefano.



March 2016


There’s a special person who has read your book and would like to meet you,’ said my friend Claudia Mattioli a few months ago. ‘As soon as you return to Italy, I’ll arrange a meeting between you both.’ That special person was Pierpaolo Greco. A few weeks later, thanks to Claudia, we met in Milan and had lunch at Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone, in the courtyard of majestic Bagatti-Valsecchi palace. Pierpaolo had read my autobiography, Play, and had recommended it to his closest friends with the result that they were now ardent fans of my exploits. When I told him about my new Internet project, designed to offer a selected range of outstanding products, the best products labelled ‘Made in Italy’ and more, Pierpaolo, a lawyer by trade, smiled and said he had a present for me. That’s right, because this man is also the owner of the oldest tuna fishing and processing plant in Carloforte (1880), a company which produces Pasquale Pastorino tuna in limited amounts: a fantastic product packaged in equally fantastic rectangular tins. That’s how I discovered a whole new world: ‘tonno di corsa’ (i.e. tuna fish that are ready to spawn and caught in the tonnara, a maze of nets). They are only fished during the month of May using nets anchored to the sea floor, a method that is no longer as violent as it was in the past and that is, above all, selective, as only a limited number of tuna fish get caught. Pasquale Pastorino is the only tuna fishing and processing company to be certified by Ecocrest, the Aquarium of Genoa’s non-profit organisation set up to certify that an entire production line is environmentally friendly. Giampaolo and I shook hands: you can see the results for yourselves. – by Stefano.


New project Icons

April 2016



With the aim of adapting to the new market trends influenced by an ever-increasing use of new social media, the ‘spy-book’ project continues on Instagram, adopting the name “Icons – The Essential Gallery”.