Stefano Cecchi | Look book

Escentric Molecules – Fragrance ‘Molecule 01’

October 2014


At the beginning, I couldn’t believe it. When they told me – Escentric Molecule is an aftershave that has been chemically created to act on a pheromone level, and women go mad for it! – I was rather sceptic. I took the tester and, still very doubtful, I sprayed some on my wrists. I was in London for Fashion Week and I was expecting a busy time of meetings lasting all days. Getting in the car, I gave the first destination to the driver who continued to stare at me in the rear view mirror. He couldn’t take his eyes of me and, as I was getting out, he stuttered: “Excuse me, I don’t usually ask this sort of thing… Especially to men… But… I wanted to ask… Can you tell me what aftershave you’re wearing?” Escentric Molecule works, I thought – maybe the target group need to be modified, but it works! Jokes aside, now I only wear Escentric Molecule 01. Wherever I am, not a day goes by that I am not asked about the aftershave I wear, but, like any gentlemen worthy of the name, I never reveal my secret. – by Stefano.


Preloaded Ipod – Music Architecture London

November 2014


Music is a passion that, together with my friend Stefano Cecchi, has become my job. Together we have invented something that before didn’t exist: the music that you hear in many airports, hotels and boutiques is the result of a recent invention of ours – music architecture. Many of my friends are over forty and, due to the nature of my work, they often ask me musical advice and confess how difficult they find the digital world. The problem is not so much buying an MP3 reader, more the time to download pieces, divide them up into playlists and everything else this entails. I designed the Preloaded iPod for them, businessmen with little spare time, who want a reader that is ready to go. You just need to turn it on and put your earphones in. It contains 2,000 tunes, chosen and divided into playlists organised by music genre and listening occasions. Preloaded iPods can be customised in three versions – pink, white and yellow gold – with your initials. Naturally. – by Pietro.


Timberland Earthkeeper – Modello 2208R

December 2014


November 2013. I was in Milan with my wife for a weekend of shopping and from the Hotel Baglioni, where we were staying, I was walking towards the Saint Ambroues cake shop. It’s not far, which is why I was wearing blue velvet moccasins more suited to the hotel lounge than walking outside. But on my way, it started raining – not the light drizzle of London, but a real heavy shower. The soapy sole effect on the wet roads almost had me slipping many times: I couldn’t go on and had to seek shelter under the porticos of via Matteotti, right in front of the Timberland shop. I am not a fan of this brand, as in my mind it is inevitably linked to the Eighties and the ‘paninaro’ phenomenon (groups of young, fashionable people frequenting sandwich bars – Tr. note). However, there was one shoe in the window that drew my attention, the Earthkeeper: a technical boot played down by coloured laces. I went in to try them on and, incredibly, they have been my favourite shoes ever since. With my ‘four wheel drive’ activated, my feet were back on the ground: this winter, they are my only shoes. With a suit, jeans and in the mountains. What can I say? I hope that this summer they invent the Sandkeeper! – by Pietro.


Carbon Fiber – Ciclotte

January 2015


Carbon fibre is fantastic. It’s strong and light at the same time and reaches performance levels that few other materials can equal. Imagine how surprised I was to see Ciclotte for the first time, in the permanent collection of the Triennale Design Museum in Milan! I thought I was looking at one of those appliances created to train the astronauts at NASA, but I was wrong: Ciclotte is a jewel created for home fitness by minimalist designer Luca Schieppati. It breaks with the tradition of standard fitness machines, tied exclusively to the functional aspect, and does so thanks to the magical inspiration of the ancestor of the bicycle, the velocipede. Ciclotte is the perfect piece of complementary furnishing for a high-tech loft overlooking the ocean, for the meeting room of a penthouse-office or for the bridge of a luxury yacht: it fits, with inimitable style, into the most varied living contexts. I have a recurring dream: I’m in Miami, travelling down Ocean Drive, on Ciclotte! – by Alberto.


Gel – Solution Speed 2 – Asics

February 2015


I love tennis, it’s my life, but in 2000, due to two spinal operations, I had to give it up. I didn’t play for 10 years and my racquets grew old in the locker at the tennis club where I’m a member, but I never lost hope of feeling the thrill of a match again. I missed everything; preparation, pre-match nerves, analysis of the opponent, even the smell of disinfectant in the changing rooms! Then a miracle happened, partly due to my tenacity (I spend hours stretching and doing specific exercises every day, and I changed lots of habits, from the way I sit to the way I sleep) and partly to the help of innovative technical solutions. Starting with my shoes. I have to think a silver-haired man from Wisconsin who has had both hips and both knees replaced: John Powless, 81 years old and the number 1 tennis player in the ITF Over 80 category. (Yes, you read right: tennis players who are over 80!). I met him in during a tournament in São Paulo on the first leg of the International Tennis Federation Winter Tour. That day, John told me one of the secrets of his long life, a detail which was only apparently obvious; wearing the right shoes, Asics Gel Evolution. Like every come-back story, mine too has a happy ending. I’ve become world number 1 in the doubles and mixed doubles categories of the ITF +35 circuit. Read to believe. – by Stefano.


M9-P “Edition Hermès” Leica

March 2015


When Stefano Cecchi asked me to be a cool-hunter for his new product, I immediately thought of this limited edition born from the collaboration between Leica and Hermès. First off there’s Leica, the professional camera: small and round, with a sweet, silent snap. One of my favourite photos was taken with a Leica: the famous ‘A Sailor kisses a girl in white’ by Alfred Eisenstaedt. The location: Times Square. The magazine that commissioned it: Life. Then there’s Hermès: what can I say about the brand founded in 1837 in a saddler’s shop in Paris? That it is one of the few brands that have survived history over the last two centuries without losing its distinguishing characteristics of tradition and exclusivity. Kelly, Birkin, ties, scarves and so much more. Basically, Leica M9-P by Hermès is the gift that all women would like to receive. Right, guys? – by Nadejda.


Brionvega rr126

April 2015


Nostalgia hits without warning. No way to prepare for it, it just hits. Every time I look at my vintage Brionvega RR 126, I step back in time: the time, as a child, when I wished I had it, and the joy of the day that I could finally afford it, in its splendid lobster colour version. I am talking of a unique piece, created by the designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni (the brothers to whom we are indebted for the Toio, Arco and Parentesi lamps, to be clear) in 1965 and produced by the extremely Italian Brionvega. RR 126 is a product in wood and aluminium that allows me to listen to AM/FM radio stations and my beloved vinyls: with its balancing speakers, it is a piece of Made in Italy history, guest of honour in the most important design museums in the world. If I have become a record producer, it is also thanks to Brionvega whose unique products gave me the dream to become one in the first place. – by Pietro.


Shanghai – Church’s

May 2015


I live in China, Shanghai to be precise, and I believe in coincidences. This is why, when Church, my favourite brand of shoe, relaunched a 1929 model created for the English colonies and called Shanghai I didn’t think twice before buying a pair. 1929 was the year of the Great Depression, and this is another coincidence: every recession is followed by an economic boom. What China is experiencing today. Shanghai is a two-tone Church with buckle and fringe, with a worn look to it. It looks like an old golf shoe and is perfect worn with jeans. Because you never tire of Church, this footwear lasts a lifetime and is passed down to our sons and grandsons: they are elegant and refined, but above all, they are indestructible. Sometimes life is strange: I am Italian, I live in China and I wear English shoes. The same shoes I saw my friend Stefano Cecchi wearing the last time we met! – by Amedeo.


Ocean – Pacific – Paez

June 2015


I discovered Paez four years ago. I was at Punta del Este, in Uruguay, for the New Year celebrations and I was accompanying some friends in a polo tournament at Jose Ignacio’s Medellin Club, one of the most elegant and charming areas of the coastline. From mid-December to the end of January, Jose Ignacio is the preferred destination of holidaying Argentinians, and the Argentinians are known for being the best polo players in the world. What I didn’t yet know was that between one match and another, during the descanso (break time), Argentinian players wear colourful cotton shoes. They are called alpargatas and they were created for the gauchos: Paez has reinterpreted their shape and designed them in bright colours. It is hard to believe, but they are comfortable and sexy at the same time! I bought three pairs: one for me, one for my boyfriend, and one for Stefano. He must have liked them – he asked me to talk about them here! – by Lavinia.


Hooded Cardigan – Umasan

July 2015


I must confess: I have a weakness for family stories. When my friend Barbara told me about the twins from Berlin, Anja and Sandra Uman, and about their Umasan project, I fell in love immediately. Anja comes from the fashion world, having worked for Yohji Yamamoto and Strenesse, while Sandra is a photographer. Inspired by the Buddhist philosophy and by yoga, they have created a knitwear collection that focuses on the wearer. Umasan uses biological fibres only – natural antibacterial agents that stimulate blood circulation – crafting them with ancient Japanese cutting techniques within a completely eco-sustainable production process. I love the sophisticated and slight ascetic understatement of Umasan, especially the hooded cardigans which follow the body’s natural asymmetries: you put them on and they fit like a second skin. I’d even sleep in them! – by Lavinia.