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Korne Pavé Bracelet – Shamballa

January 2016


There are many amusing anecdotes that connect me to Mads Kornerup, but there is one scene that really stands out: we are on Goga Ashkenatzi’s yacht, off the coast of Ibiza, and he – undercover – is making some bracelets for guests on the boat with us. Seeing the founder and creative director of a brand like Shamballa at work shows what makes a project successful: love for the work. Now, said like this, maybe you have no idea what Shamballa is: I’m talking about one of the world’s most exclusive jewellery brands, which Mads and his wife, Andrea, have created and brought to the best concept-stores in the world. If you Google the name Shamballa, you’ll quickly see who wears these miniature masterpieces. Mads and I are great friends, we meet up in Ibiza, for years we have met up during fashion shows, and I have been a guest of his in Denmark, in Copenhagen and in his country homes in Tisvilde and Tibirike, where we trained and fantasised about the many projects we would like to undertake together. The Korne Pavé Bracelet on my www is the first fantastic step in this partnership. – by Stefano.


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