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August 2015


Having just landed at Malpensa after a flight that seemed never-ending, I experienced what every frequent flyer does at least once in a lifetime: my luggage was misplaced. “Don’t worry Mr Celori, we will bring it to your hotel within 48 hours”: despite the airline’s assurances, I was pretty pissed off. A taxi took me to the Baglioni in Via Senato and then straight to Corso Garibaldi: I needed the bare minimum to survive 2 days. A little further on from the Radetsky Cafè, one of the meeting places of Milan’s aperitif crowd, I was drawn by a small store: in the window were elegant, timeless bags at good prices. I chose a Harvard Weekend bag in raw cotton with leather finishes. “Would you like to customise the bag with your initials?” “I’m not stopping in Milan for long,” I answered. Their reply? “Don’t worry, we will deliver it to your hotel within 2 hours. So basically, it took an airline blunder to be astonished by the perfect service. – by Amedeo.


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