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Gel – Solution Speed 2 – Asics

February 2015


I love tennis, it’s my life, but in 2000, due to two spinal operations, I had to give it up. I didn’t play for 10 years and my racquets grew old in the locker at the tennis club where I’m a member, but I never lost hope of feeling the thrill of a match again. I missed everything; preparation, pre-match nerves, analysis of the opponent, even the smell of disinfectant in the changing rooms! Then a miracle happened, partly due to my tenacity (I spend hours stretching and doing specific exercises every day, and I changed lots of habits, from the way I sit to the way I sleep) and partly to the help of innovative technical solutions. Starting with my shoes. I have to think a silver-haired man from Wisconsin who has had both hips and both knees replaced: John Powless, 81 years old and the number 1 tennis player in the ITF Over 80 category. (Yes, you read right: tennis players who are over 80!). I met him in during a tournament in São Paulo on the first leg of the International Tennis Federation Winter Tour. That day, John told me one of the secrets of his long life, a detail which was only apparently obvious; wearing the right shoes, Asics Gel Evolution. Like every come-back story, mine too has a happy ending. I’ve become world number 1 in the doubles and mixed doubles categories of the ITF +35 circuit. Read to believe. – by Stefano.


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