Stefano Cecchi | Escentric Molecules – Fragrance ‘Molecule 01’



Escentric Molecules – Fragrance ‘Molecule 01’

October 2014


At the beginning, I couldn’t believe it. When they told me – Escentric Molecule is an aftershave that has been chemically created to act on a pheromone level, and women go mad for it! – I was rather sceptic. I took the tester and, still very doubtful, I sprayed some on my wrists. I was in London for Fashion Week and I was expecting a busy time of meetings lasting all days. Getting in the car, I gave the first destination to the driver who continued to stare at me in the rear view mirror. He couldn’t take his eyes of me and, as I was getting out, he stuttered: “Excuse me, I don’t usually ask this sort of thing… Especially to men… But… I wanted to ask… Can you tell me what aftershave you’re wearing?” Escentric Molecule works, I thought – maybe the target group need to be modified, but it works! Jokes aside, now I only wear Escentric Molecule 01. Wherever I am, not a day goes by that I am not asked about the aftershave I wear, but, like any gentlemen worthy of the name, I never reveal my secret. – by Stefano.


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