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Brionvega rr126

April 2015


Nostalgia hits without warning. No way to prepare for it, it just hits. Every time I look at my vintage Brionvega RR 126, I step back in time: the time, as a child, when I wished I had it, and the joy of the day that I could finally afford it, in its splendid lobster colour version. I am talking of a unique piece, created by the designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni (the brothers to whom we are indebted for the Toio, Arco and Parentesi lamps, to be clear) in 1965 and produced by the extremely Italian Brionvega. RR 126 is a product in wood and aluminium that allows me to listen to AM/FM radio stations and my beloved vinyls: with its balancing speakers, it is a piece of Made in Italy history, guest of honour in the most important design museums in the world. If I have become a record producer, it is also thanks to Brionvega whose unique products gave me the dream to become one in the first place. – by Pietro.


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