Stefano Cecchi | Bio

Stefano Cecchi (Turin, 1971), entrepreneur and artist, grew up in the USA and in Great Britain, where he graduated in 1993, the same year he began his entrepreneurial activity. He opened and developed fashion agencies in London in the 1990s (Wild, Next London). In 2000 he founded a record label (Cecchi Records – 60 current albums), bringing Buddha Bar to Italy and launching music architecture projects for top fashion houses. He contributed to the creation of clothing brands (Hydrogen Bikinifuxia, Melody Maker) and the opening of concept stores (San Carlo dal 1973). During the decade 2000-2010, he has worked with over 100 multinational companies, developing complete projects that include everything from press campaigns to co-marketing, co-branding, image and corporate identity work. In April 2010 he was invited to present the “Lifetime Achievement Award” to the career of Michael Jackson which he gives to his sister La Toya. From 2010 to 2015 he published two books, one autobiographical (PLAY) and an anthology of his projects (10 Years 1000 projects), and he went into partnership in the Middle East with the Sheikh Al-Thani (NBK) and Alifood International. His next move was to plan the relaunch of the family brand Gelati Cecchi 1936. In 2015, he took the role of Marketing Director of the Borsalino company where he designed the Marketing Plan during the acquisition by the Haeres Equita investment fund. In 2016/2017, he was appointed Brand Ambassador for the GCC Qatar region by Tankoa Yachts. At the same time he was appointed Brand Ambassador for Baglioni Hotels and Worldwide Shows Corporation. Since 2017, along with his institutional roles, he has devoted his time and attention almost entirely to the Food & Beverage sector. Together with the RFK (RedFish Kapital) investment fund, he has revived the historic Cecchi 1936 brand, sold by his family to Nestlé in 1973. Just two years after its rebirth, the NewCo opened its capital to a second investment fund, HIND (Holding Industriale), which acquired the majority share: the operation generated an evaluation worth ten times the initial capital. As of 2021, he is focused on asset-backed investments and has set up the London-based private equity fund “Fondo per l’Arte – FpA”, which invests in modern and contemporary art with a particular interest in emerging artists.
His work is discussed in the most important Italian and foreign newspapers and, in recognition of his capacity for entrepreneurial innovation and creating neologisms, Encyclopaedia Treccani dedicates an entire paragraph to him: “No one suits the term enfant prodige more than him” (Capital – October 2007). “Food, fashion and music are one and the same thing for Cecchi known as the ‘poster boy’ of young Italian entrepreneurs” (Il Sole 24 Ore – April 2005). “A manager in the ascendant who mixes high fashion, art, music and high tech, he has revolutionised the city’s commercial profile.’’(Panorama – November 2003). “This is the new “pret-à-manger” philosophy, a term invented by Stefano Cecchi, an ambitious young entrepreneur from Turin who, after having consolidated a fashion empire…” (Encyclopaedia Treccani 2008). He was listed in Sky TV’s E! News Top Ten of successful thirty-year-olds. Today he lives in Spain, France and sells ideas the world over.

Charity bio

Stefano lent his image to the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation run by Matteo Marzotto for the sixth edition of the Portofino 2010 charity event as a testimonial to collect funds and assist in promoting the event.
Stefano has always been focused on social issues, working alongside other business people with the elderly or supporting initiatives such as the Turin Marathon event organised for the “La Stampa Specchio dei Tempi” Foundation and supporting the elderly in conditions of hardship for the Croce Verde (Green Cross – Health Association).He has been working for the past year with the Seedling Nursery School in Tilak Nagari Jaipure India which offers assistance to abandoned children.