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Preloaded Ipod – Music Architecture London

November 2014


Music is a passion that, together with my friend Stefano Cecchi, has become my job. Together we have invented something that before didn’t exist: the music that you hear in many airports, hotels and boutiques is the result of a recent invention of ours – music architecture. Many of my friends are over forty and, due to the nature of my work, they often ask me musical advice and confess how difficult they find the digital world. The problem is not so much buying an MP3 reader, more the time to download pieces, divide them up into playlists and everything else this entails. I designed the Preloaded iPod for them, businessmen with little spare time, who want a reader that is ready to go. You just need to turn it on and put your earphones in. It contains 2,000 tunes, chosen and divided into playlists organised by music genre and listening occasions. Preloaded iPods can be customised in three versions – pink, white and yellow gold – with your initials. Naturally. – by Pietro.


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